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Château de Dirac
Toc toc toc #10


Château de Dirac

Toc toc toc #10

I’m All Right // Radiator Hospital

 I could be strong for you. I could be wrong for you. I could be anything you’d like. I’m not fine, but I’m alright. I don’t know if you’re crying still. I don’t know if you’ve had your fill. I don’t know yet, but I will, and I know that I’m alright.

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Anonymous asks: What did you do in highschool/college to be so successful in your field? When did you figure out this is what you wanted to do?

i was such a fuck up in high school lmao i barely graduated bc i’m stubborn + was uninterested but ummmm for college idk i listened to myself and went to an art school (media arts) even though i’m not “artistic” bc i knew i needed to be in that environment, i got rly involved and immediately got put into leadership roles + just stayed on my networking game. i knew i wanted to do PR in a creative field (i originally wanted to work in the music industry) when i was in high school just bc i don’t put effort into shit i don’t care about (big character flaw!!!!!!!!) mostly it’s just knowing the game and playing it well, being about your shit 110% of your time, making sacrifices, knowing your place, etc etc.

it got more specific when i started trying stuff out and acting on my curiosities ‘n whatnot. 

Anonymous asks: are you familiar with waist training/the use of waist cinchers?

uhhh i’ve heard abt it + it freaks me out i’ll stick w pilates 

Anonymous asks: what do you use to fill your brows?

i don’t



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today was so good i’m so happy!! Tanisha is so fucking inspiring oh my god like literally just being with her makes me want to be proactive and take action in my life and write more. so inspired right now!! i love it!!!

ew you are so cute ty for swinging on swings w me :-)

moved into my new apt today n forgot a fan so just melting


*has the option to say some negative shit about someone*

*doesn’t take the option and continues to live life peacefully*

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Anonymous asks: Do U usually wear anything beneath a t shirt dress? Is my bum supposed to show? Lol

sometimes i’m like ….. not sure if y’all are playing w me. in the case that you’re not i just make sure i wear like boy short underwear or w/e idk like it’s a t-shirt dress it’s not just a t-shirt i’m wearing as a dress it covers your butt ? lol

Anonymous asks: do you recommend any "vintage" shops from etsy?

i have a huge huge master etsy store post that will be one of the first things on my blog this week i will be sure to link it so just check back in pal


like im not gonna applaud you for not posting someones nudes or saying slurs or making fucked up jokes and im not gonna praise you for practicing consent or anything because you should already be doing these things and you dont get a thank you card every time you do the bare minimum 

You cannot call a society which has 3.5 million homeless and 18.5 million vacant homes civil. That’s violent and morally bankrupt.

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