the trick to talking to internet girls is the same as talking to real life girls, say hey and dont instantly ask if they like anal

it is midnight and i am not in my bed this is problematic 


it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful


seeing pictures of you in the beginning 
seeing pictures of you when you were in love
time is on the outside looking in… 

i keep forgetting that in a month i will be able to hop on the train/bus and be in philly in less than two hours this is so important !!

Anonymous asked: Have you ever straightened your hair?

ya ya



Anonymous asked: how do you feel about weed?





this is not a drill the party is alive and well

i made the cut god bless 


Waldo - Kobe’s Room (Truth Be Told) (prod. by Sango)


Anonymous asked: i've seen you post about the numerous problems of the porn industry & was wondering your thoughts on the duke university freshman who wrote an article about being a porn star on xo jane. sorry it wouldn't let me link it. thank you tanisha!

hi hi sure! i really enjoyed her post on xo jane mainly because i think it’s a conversation we need to begin having from all sides. i think especially for her audience, the students and frats/sororities at duke (who i’m sure aren’t very familiar with feminism in the first place) the points she brings up about sexuality, slut shaming, etc are all important and valid. her whole post was important and valid, and i respect her with every fiber of my being. when i talk about being “sex negative” or separating myself from sex positivity/ the porn industry i think it’s extremely important to recognize i am not talking down to sex workers or people who enjoy/are empowered by sex. i am simply being proactive in understanding not everyone can or wants to feel empowered by sex, i am being proactive in understanding that patriarchy is the foundation of porn, and that kinks and sex do not exist in a vacuum safe from critique. we need to be critical about these things because whether you want to think so or not sex is political. it’s important to understand the duke student who is having a “healthy” , supportive, fun time in the porn industry is not the rule, she is the exception. when you think about the millions and billions of young people who are learning about relationships w women/women’s bodies/sex in general not from open safe conversations/relations but from sitting in their dark rooms watching gang bangs for hours, do you really think they’re thinking about how empowered the girl feels?

this is something from mean feminism that i felt super relative;

"Because porn desensitizes our culture to violence against women. Because supporting the small percentage of women who CHOOSE and are VERY HAPPY about being in porn OVER the much larger percentage of women who are treated like human condoms is very sheltered and bourgeois and privileged and, frankly, naive.”

i also really really reaaaallly appreciated this post kind of outlying what it really means/doesn’t mean when someone identifies as sex negative + also a lil bit from a sex negative sex worker themselves which is really important + relevant to this discussion bc you can be a sex worker (s u r v i v a l) and still recognize it needs to be examined/critiqued and called tf out. hope this wasn’t confusing/was helpful !!

Anonymous asked: I don't even listen to drake or whatever but I think about fucking you and that shit blasting

Yes good

Rill hot in here

Rihanna performing The Monster at the MTV Movie Awards.