you're so bad girl, you're so awful

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Studio Ghibli + Ponyo Gifsets [9/50]

ontheburningsea asks: what do you put in your granola bowls?

Granola, almond milk, almond butter, bananas, strawberries sometimes, flax + coconut sprinkled on top :-)

Anonymous asks: why do people say not to wear white after labor day?

Idk it’s just a thing, seasonal colors w/e, gonna ignore it and look cute tho

if I’m looking busted it’s your job as my friend to say “bitch get ur shit together” otherwise i might think u a hater and prosper from my suffering

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inyousankeverything asks: Daily reminder that you are hot and smart and a hard worker and I admire you so much đź’•

Posting this so everyone knows how sweet you are consistently I love/appreciate u so much lil baby

Anonymous asks: What would you wear with white Birkenstocks?

White torn up jeans/white polo crop. Kinda feelin’ like fuck the Labor Day rule

People who have literally no idea what they’re talking about can still sound like they know exactly what they’re talking about so can we all check ourselves + each other more before we cosign ty


Awwww shit. 
The B Boyzbadvibesbrigade


Awwww shit.
The B Boyz


/ august 2014 /


/ august 2014 /

Dweeb boy humid day nice to be home


I throw around the phrase “intersectional feminism” around a lot, and I think a lot of other people do too. I just want to make a quick post/guide if you have ever been confused about what that means.

  • intersectionalism is associated with 3rd wave feminism (some argue it is post-3rd wave)
  • yes,…
Anonymous asks: What shoes/accessories would you pair w a long sleeve tshirt dress? It's maroon

Faux fur vest + Chelsea boots + fun assorted rings

Anonymous asks: Where did you get that black and White crop top

Brady Melville

Anonymous asks: when is your blog coming?

This week!! :-)