you're so bad girl, you're so awful

Anonymous asks: everyone is getting new balances and all of a sudden you are really into to them too surprising

you sound like someone who would be rly good at drafting a script for an abc produced mean girls 5



the sad thing is, they might be people willing to actually pay to see it.

Bitch it is not a sad thing if I am makin 💸💸💸💸



the sad thing is, they might be people willing to actually pay to see it.

Bitch it is not a sad thing if I am makin 💸💸💸💸


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

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the pharcyde / passing me by

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I heavily fuck with myself.

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Light Walls House

Located in Toyokawa city, the “Light Walls House” is a wooden house imagined by Japanese studio mA-style architects. White, minimalist and decorated with plants, this building has a structure which allows the light to reflect on the ground and on the walls in order to create patterns thanks to a trick of shadows and rays.

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no fuss

Anonymous asks: didn't you used to hate new balances?

lmao this is the most annoying ask i get?? silly me i wasn’t down for these. there was also a time i hated jeans that weren’t skinny + thought crop tops were tacky. brands + designers change their look, i change my opinions, crazy science!

you keep keepin’ track i’ll keep looking better than you


Rosa Rendl
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Creep (Acoustic Version) by Radiohead.

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Anonymous asks: Can you please explain what was so idiotic about that statement? If you think about it, it's true... Racists are what fires racism...

these messages are literally so stupid that i can’t tell if you’re just fucking with me or not. i am not racist nor do i have the power to be

"if i think about it" lmao yeah b ‘cause me, tanisha, black girl, very vocal about racism for everyone to see, has not thought about what fires racism 

white people are the only people who have the power to be racist, so to say it isn’t white people who fuel racism, rather racists, is an oxymoron and i don’t have time for it

 this was what i reblogged before i got that ask, LIKE? you are literally the joke + the problem. me re-blogging things about white people is not racist. me adressing white people as a whole is not racist. if you don’t understand why that is so, do your own research. read my blog for like, ten minutes. i’ve even prepared for another century of you alien people by tagging all of my race related reblogs/asks. i am all for discussion + answering questions on the topic of race within reason but i refuse, re-fucking-fuse, to teach you base level i thought we all already learned this are you joking information on racism. like you are l a t e and i am not here for you


reasons i have tumblr

  •  tanishas blog
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stop it!!!!!!!!!!!


New Balance Wild West and Gold Rush “Authors Collection”

Brother’s House


Brother’s House