you're so bad girl, you're so awful

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drake just wrote his whole next album sitting in that chair 


honestly me right now


honestly me right now

Anonymous asks: every single selfie that you post on this website is amazing?????????

you are sweet thank you 


Atlas Hands // Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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Anonymous asks: You are brave and important

you are cute an appreciated thank you friend

trying to figure out what i look like 



the bad boyz/bad vibes brigade
James, Momo and myself

nobody can fuck wit us tbh

Anonymous asks: Ugh you are so helpful and thoughtful and I am really grateful you exist, thank you

of course pal, happy you’re here too.

i can’t go one night without crying/feeling like i’m going to puke this is all such a nightmare i am just so sad. i almost want people to stop talking about it so ignorance can be a bliss and i don’t have to come to the conclusion that maybe i’m the only black person some people in my life care about as if their attitudes outside of our relationship won’t catch up with me in the eyes of the law/society 


Johanna Tagada is a young French artist based in Berlin. An abstract painter and traveler, her work explores the worlds of fine art, textiles, drawings, publishing, and photography.

On a sad day, we wouldn’t mind living in one of her pieces. Her simultaneously bright yet restrained colour use is what keeps us coming back for more. Combined with beautiful forms and patterns, you can’t deny the pure sense of happiness and joy present within her work! 

Check out Johanna’s work on her blog, Instagram and empty your wallet on her online store, Bonjour Supermarket

Anonymous asks: I'm going shopping soon and I was wondering if you could point out some staple items you get from H&M? Pants that go with anything, shirts, etc. Also, what shoes would you wear with the Harem pants because I'm struggling haha thank yooouuu

hey hey! tbh, i just went on h&m to link you to a few things and there was nothing that i would recommend that you couldn’t find somewhere else cheaper/better quality. that shit was so expensive for no reason! like for the same price of some of their fall stuff you could be getting them at zara which imo is so much better? i answered an ask like this with staples that you could utilize in a bunch of different ways from forever 21 here

as far as what shoes to wear w harem pants- all depends on what look you’re going for! like are you dressing up/down? i wear my harem pants with sneakers, heels, loafers, sandals, really depends on the whole look.

Anonymous asks: How do you feel about nose hoops?